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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prohibition of Selling Dogs in Islam

Good morning everybody,
I am sorry for not publishing this post last night, but I had to do some research about the prohibition of selling dogs in Islam before publishing the post.

In my religion, it is undesirable to keep dogs, and that the one who keeps a dog will have two kirats deducted from his reward every day, except for dogs that are kept for hunting, guarding livestock and guarding crops, which are permissible to keep.

There are many "ahaadeeth" narrated from our Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him), which state that it is forbidden in Islam to sell dogs BECAUSE THEY ARE ENTIRELY IMPURE (NAJIS). The general meaning of these "Ahaadeeth" include all kinds of dogs, those which are permissible to keep and those which are not permissible to keep.
The transaction of selling a dog is not valid and the price is not "Halal".
What did some of the Muslim Scholars Say:
-Some said that the sale of dogs which bring some benefit is permissible.
-Others said that it is permissible to sell a hunting dog but not any other kind.

- The majority said that it is not permissible to sell a dog at all wether it is a hunting dog or a herding dog or any other kind. If a person is in a desperate need to have a dog and cannot find someone to give him one, then he may buy it.

As a conclusion, it should be mentioned that Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon Him) forbade the price of a dog, the wages of a prostitute, and the fee of a fortuneteller.

I hope the post is useful and please do not hesitate to ask me any question regarding this topic or any other topics that are related to my religion or to my country, the United Arab Emirates.

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