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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ramadan Iftar

Salam Alaikom all...Hope everyone is enjoying Ramadan atmosphere! It's beautiful, isn't it?

Did you ever wonder how do we (Muslims) fast during the Holy month of Ramadan?
I'll tell you how in case you still don't know.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from dawn until sunset.

Muslims break their fast at Maghrib (sunset) prayer time with a meal named "Iftar".

When we hear the Maghrib prayer we usually say a prayer first (Dua'a) then break our fast by drinking a glass of Laban (Yoghurt based drink) and dates.

After that, we perform Maghrib prayer then go back to eat the Iftar meal, whick contains a number of delicious dishes.
The amazing thing about Ramadan is that the whole family (Grandparents, Parents, Children, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc.) gather and enjoy the holy time together. What is more amazing than having Iftar with the whole family?
Ramadan is a time that brings family members together and closer than any other time.
Personally I enjoy cooking with my cousins and relatives. Each one of us decides what is she going to cook for Iftar. One says she'll cook the main dish, the other chooses the sweets and we help each other in every thing.
Not only women share these moments, but also men. For example, we always ask my elder brother to go and buy what we need in the kitchen, while my uncle helps us in exchanging dishes with neighbours and friends. It is such an amazing thing.
One of the most DELICIOUS, FAMOUS and BASIC dishes in the UAE and the Arabian Gulf region is "Harees". It is nearly a "must" during the Holy month of Ramadan.

One other amazing dish that I love so much is "Thareed", which is a mixture of very delicate home made bread, which is named "Khobz Regag" with a mix of vegetables and meat or chicken broth.

"Lugaymat" is another dish that is essential during Ramadan. It is part of the sweets or desserts. It tastes really good especially if you eat it while drinking Arabian Coffee.

After praying and eating, a cup of Arabian coffee or tea would be perfect. You just sit, relax and enjoy drinking it.

Normally, two or more "Dallah (s)" of coffee and tea are prepared before or right after Iftar.

You can also indulge yourself with fruits, sweets or many kinds of different fruits. But put in mind that we don't eat much in order to maintain our health. Eating a little bit of everything is
a very good and healthy thing to do.
We should always remember that fasting is intended to teach Muslims about patience, humility and spirituality. It is time for Muslims to fast for the sake of Allah and to offer more prayer.
I will post more information about the Holy month of Ramadan, but please do ask me if you have any questions or would like to know more about a particular issue.


  1. assalam alaikum!

    I ate Thareed yesterday- made by my sister-in-law, was delicious! But I have not eaten harees this Ramadan yet. I don't cook Emirati food myself, so I can only hope some relatives will share their food with us :) My neighbors which happen to be our relatives give us food for iftar regularly, that's very kind of them. And I share with them some home-made biscuits:) as I'm not a good cook- I can't share much with them. I definitely love this tradition of sharing food in Ramadan. I hope this tradition will never disappear...

  2. Wa Alaikom Assalam Alice,

    Thareed is one of my favourate dishes and thank God I know how to cook it. I know how how to cook Emarati food and many international dishes as well, so, you are most welcome to come over to my place and enjoy a happy meal :)

    Sharing food is ramadan is a very lovely tradition and I don't think it will ever disappear as long as we are in love with our traditions, country and heritage.

  3. Assalam alaikum Sara,

    I was searching online for abaya designs and somehow landed here on your blog, and then I find myself going through the posts and enjoying myself :)

    Thank you for recommending thareed. I must try that!

    Ramadan is almost coming to an end, but nevertheless, a very happy Ramadan to you.

    - Nadia

  4. Hmmm I love Lugayma. Nice and informative blog.

  5. awesome comments from Adrian and the thoughts expressed by Skygazer! very touching!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

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